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30% Reduction in accident rate.

Our driver management system not only saves you money through fuel and tyre costs, the main aim is to reduce your on-road accident rate.

If you don’t feel we’re doing that, you’re not beholden to any contract.

Up to 10X return on your investment.

Depending on the size of your fleet, and your current operating procedures, we can save you up to 10X your monthly driver fee on each truck.

At an average rate of R250 per driver, with a fleet of 20 trucks, that could be R50 000 per month in saved costs.

No contract. No obligations.

We believe in our product, so we never make you sign any extended contracts. If we’re not saving you money – you don’t have to keep paying us.

Simple – it’s the way business should be done.

Sound good?

Driver performance change management system

DriveSmartâ„¢ is a driver performance change management system for use by commercial vehicle operators to reduce the risk of loss of life, injury to road-users and damage to vehicles and other property. We have a proven track record of making roads in Africa safer.


Defensive Driving

Proven to improve the overall efficiency of your fleet – saving you wasted money in fuel and maintenance costs.

Fewer Accidents

Through a proven driver management and improvement system, we achieve a reduced accident rates.

Damage Limitation

Driver’s are made aware of how to improve their driving, which decreases chances of large and fatal accidents.

Reduced Loss Ratio

Through the reduction in incidents and therefore insurance claims, your loss ratio is decreased, inevitably leading to lower insurance premiums.

The DriveSmartâ„¢ Process


Data comes in from your vehicle’s on board computers. It is analysed using our algorithms.


Using the six DriveSmart metrics, a driver is given a Safety Rating based on his performance.


The driver is then consulted and guided towards becoming a safer driver through our risk managers.


Reports are generated for each individual driver and feedback is given to both the risk manager and truck owner to track improvement.

Let’s talk numbers

In a 21 month study involving over 500 trucks, owned by multiple fleet owners, it was proven that through the use of DriveSmartâ„¢, accident costs were reduced by up to 30%!

One of DriveSmart’s customers operates over 100 trucks with more than 130 trailer combinations. The fleet drove over 10 million km’s in 2013.

They joined the programme on a 6 month trial with 20 drivers (we don’t require any contract!) and after an immediate 5% improvement in driver Safety Scores, they launched DriveSmart across their whole fleet.

In the first 8 months, the client saved over
in fuel

In 1 year, driver safety scores improved by
on average

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