What is DriveSmartâ„¢?


DriveSmartâ„¢ is a proven safety management tool which improves the safety of commercial vehicle drivers.

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    Improved defensive driving

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    Reduced collision incidents

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    Limiting culpability following incidents

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    Limiting the extent of injury occurring in accidents

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    Limiting damage to vehicles and other property

How is safe driving evaluated?


We have developed 6 metrics which we collate to come up with a driver safety rating. These have been refined and re-evaluated over time to provide the most accurate representation of what is actually happening on the road.




Steady Speed



The numbers speak for themselves


Below is a study we conducted over an 18 month period in which the monthly average driver Safety Scores were compared with monthly loss ratios of a new client. As the effect of the DriveSmart driver management programme begins to take effect, Safety Scores increase, and loss ratio’s decrease.

Loss Ratio

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A client's loss ratio is a function of the value of claims processed versus monthly premium. A low loss ratio is best.

Safety Score

What it is >

A driver's Safety Score is a rating which is calculated based on the 6 metrics (section above) which are measured.

Driver Management

How we do it >

Each of our client's drivers is given direct feedback, information and help on how to drive more safely through our Driver Influencers.

The DriveSmart process


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